Meet the Heart of the Soups

Our Team

With the commitment to upholding the familiar Hale & Hearty Soup taste and when asked while revitalizing the operations “Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup?” Chef Marty does not fall short of that commitment. His accolades include experience in some of New Yorks most distinguished kitchens The Pierre and Sheraton Park Avenue Hotels. With credentials of being a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and holding completed certificates in food safety he brings to the table strict quality food standards. His goal is to build the brand and provide above and beyond customer satisfaction.
COO and Head Chef
Ruperto Hernandez is our lead chef and he specializes in making our delicious hearty soups. Ruperto has been operating within the company making our hearty soups for over 27 years, Mr. Hernandez serves as a fundamental part within the company along with our daily operations.
Elysa Dinzes, MPA, RDN, CLT, is Hale and Hearty's expert nutrition advisor. She provides consultation on nutrition regulations, label compliance, and nutrition analysis. As an authority in the field of nutrition and food policy for over two decades, Elysa has worked with individual clients, food companies, government institutions, and not-for-profit organizations. She received her Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Syracuse University, and Master's in Public Administration from Baruch College.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Bryan Hammock

Director of Franchise Development & Management

Bryan has been consulting for various Franchises throughout the US Market since returning from overseas. Bryan was the Pioneer Development Agent for the Subway Franchise in Melbourne, Australia & Tasmania for15 years, Bryan also was the pioneer for Subway in New Zealand & Philippines. This in addition to his 15 years state side experience in the QSR restaurant industry. Bryan is well versed in all facets of developing and maintaining a quick service restaurant franchise organization. Bryan personally owned 20 Subway restaurants and helped to developed over 1000 restaurants in Australia. Working his way up through the company from Restaurant Area Manager in the U.S, through to an International Development Agent, has ensured that Bryan is well versed in all facets of marketing, training, managing, leasing, constructing and maintaining a quick service restaurant.

Dwayne J. Rondon

Quality Assurance Manager

Dwayne J Rondon has been with the company for 7 years. He has Retail, Seafood HACCP & PCQI Certifications. His credentials also include high NSF scores for the last two Audits. With the SQF certification being achieved Dwayne sees a promising future for the company.

Lissette Vargas

Production Planner

Lissette Vargas is an essential and vital part to the company as she oversees production planning, inventory, payroll HR, sales and much more. Lisette is furthering her education currently working to obtain a degree in Business Administration.

Emidio Sierra

Shipping & Receiving

Emidio Sierra supervises all things related to shipping and receiving which is a key function to this organization. Mr. Sierra has been with the company for 14 years and is looking forward to continuing his service. Emidio ensures that all orders are fulfilled and delivered so you can enjoy. Emidio also ensures that only the freshest and the best ingredients are received and used for our soups.

Elvir Felix

Night Production Manager

Elvir Felix has 5 years of service to Hale & Hearty and continues his loyalty and devotion to H&H. Felix ensures that all employees work diligently to produce the best quality soups.







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